Hello... I'm Logical-Math Me!

If I were to tell you how I think and feel I would have to say I believe there is a logical reason for everything and if something seems too out of the ordinary I have to find out why. I ask questions all the time and look at numbers to confirm what the answer is.  By forming an hypothesis and running an experiment, I can find out if the numbers support the conclusion.

I am interested in things like

  • Asking “what if” questions and exploring possible answers
  • Math and science, numbers and data
  • Experimenting and looking at the results
  • Code breaking
  • Solving mysteries
  • Counting things, estimating or guessing numbers of things
  • Computers
  • Organizing information of graphs and charts
  • Statistics and percentages
  • How things work
  • Problem solving
  • Strategy games like checkers, chess, or Battleship, brain teasers
To do mathematics is to engage in an act of discovery and conjecture, intuition and inspiration.
Paul Lockhart

I will use tools like

  • Calculators
  • Computers
  • Money and measurement
  • Measuring devices, such as clocks and thermometers, rulers, liquid measurements, mileage
  • Graphs

You can find me at places like

  • In a laboratory
  • Taking measurements of all kinds (ingredients in a recipe, rainfall, distance, etc.)
  • Making predictions
  • Math Olympiads
  • Robotics construction/competition
  • Odyssey of the Mind
  • Math competitions such as Noetic Learning Math Contest, MATHCOUNTS
  • Watching TV programs such as: Bill Nye the Science Guy, National Geographic, NOVA
  • Museum of Nature and Science, Children’s Museum, Planetarium
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