Hello... I'm Movement Me!

If you were to ask me how I think and feel I would have to say that I have to move around and be active.  I have good coordination and strength. I try to push my body to see what it can do. I have a lot of endurance and keep my body in good shape. Moving around helps me to think. I am very aware of my five senses and I like to do things with my hands.

I am interested in things like

  • Physical activity, exercise
  • Good nutrition
  • Team and individual sports
  • Dance
  • Active games such as Twister, charades
  • Recess
  • Building and making things
  • Doing things with hands such as sewing, cooking, making jewelry, pottery, fixing things, carpentry, building models, juggling, and crafts
  • Acting, comedy
I kind of picture what I want to do and my body just does it. You feel your way through a trick. I close my eyes sometimes.
Shaun White

I will use tools like

  • Sports equipment such as balls, sticks, bats, rackets and nets
  • Arts and craft materials

You can find me at places like

  • Sports fields, swimming pools, gymnasiums
  • Work-out clubs
  • Outdoors fishing, hiking, camping
  • Yoga studio, martial arts studio
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Skate parks
  • Riding my bike, climbing trees
  • Going to games of favorite teams
  • Watching the Olympics
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